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TalkCover mobile phone insurance is here to keep you talking. Most of us now rely upon our mobile phones. They are used every day to talk and text with friends, family and colleagues, for work and for play.

You can easily be left without one. Nearly 1 million mobile phones are stolen each year in the UK alone. 81% of all personal crime involved the theft of a mobile phone, and in 61% of thefts a mobile phone was the only item stolen1. What would you do without yours?

Mobile Phone Insurance to Keep You Talking

3 months FREE

Mobile phone insurance by TalkCover is here to keep you talking. The key features of TalkCover mobile phone insurance are:

More details of cover.
Comprehensive mobile phone insurance cover.
Attended Theft.
Unattended Theft (from a secure vehicle or premises).
Loss (optional).
Accidental Damage (including Water Damage).
Fraudulent Call Cover (up to £100).
International cover (for 90 days).
Cover for both PAYG and Contract phones.
3 months cover FREE on annual policies (exc. Apple iPhone).

Low Cost Mobile Insurance

This cheap mobile insurance for both PAYG and Contract phones starts at only £1.59 per month - that's around 5p per day. Get an instant quote for UK mobile insurance for your phone now!

We are currently giving 3 months FREE on annual policies (excluding the Apple iPhone).


Compare Mobile Phone Insurance

To compare our price with three of the most well-known mobile phone insurance providers 2, we have used the best selling Samsung Galaxy S4 which would cost approximately £4203to replace in the event of theft or loss.

Insurer Premium (per month)
TalkCover £5.99
O2 Insurance £12.50
EE Clone Phone Fully Loaded (Orange & T-Mobile Networks) £10.00
Vodafone Insurance £9.99


Featured In The Press

TalkCover has been featured in many financial articles discussing mobile insurance over time, both on and off line, including those by:

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1. Home Office Crime in England and Wales 2007/08.  2. Prices taken from insurers’ websites. Correct as of May 2014.  Premiums shown are the monthly equivalent if paid on an annual basis.  All policies shown include cover for loss, theft and accidental damage.  Other covers may vary.  3. SIM free replacement cost for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as of May 2014.


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Two Or More Phones?

Insuring your family's phones? Visit TalkCover multi mobile phone insurance for cover from 2 to 10 handsets, reducing premiums to as little as £2.40 per phone per month, including smartphones.

Business Insurance

Looking for a policy for a small business? Talkcover business mobile phone insurance covers from for 1 to 250 handsets, with instant quote.

iPhone Insurance

iPhone Insurance

New iPhone insurance for the Apple iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS from as little as £5.99 per month.

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