Multi Mobile Phone Insurance by TalkCover

Many of us now have more than one mobile phone for ourselves and our family, and covering them on separate policies can be expensive.

Protect your and your family's phones on one policy to make huge savings on the premium. With the same comprehensive cover of all our policies, insure from 2 to 10 phones on the same policy.

Number of Phones Total Premium¹
Up to 3 phones £7.99 per month.
Up to 5 phones £11.99 per month.

Simply select the number of phones to insure below, and provide their makes and models, to view an instant quote.

Phones To Insure
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Multi Phone Insurance Cover

The key benefits covered under the TalkCover Multi Phone insurance policy are:

What is covered?
Attended Theft. Yes.
Unattended Theft:  
    - From a secure vehicle Yes.
    - From secure premises. Yes.
Accidental Damage (inc. Screen Damage). Yes.
Water Damage. Yes.
Fraudulent Calls. Yes - up to £100.
International cover. Yes - for 90 days.
Loss. Yes.
What is not covered?
An excess fee For phones valued at £400 or less:
  £40 for theft or accidental damage.
  £60 for loss.
  £75 for claims made abroad.
For phones valued over £400:
  £75 for theft or accidental damage.
  £100 for loss.
Unattended Theft. When left in a public place.
Breakdown When covered by the warranty.
Apple iPhones.  

1. Equivalent total monthly cost when premium paid annually. Excludes Apple iPhones, subject to 500 replacement cost limit per phone.

2 or more phones to insure?
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