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Whether you damage your mobile phone, lose it or it gets stolen, nothing will be more frustrating than being without your it. TalkCover Mobile Phone Insurance is designed to get you back talking on your phone as quickly and easily as possible. All TalkCover mobile phone insurance policies include:

What is covered?
Attended Theft. Yes.
Unattended Theft:  
    - From a secure vehicle Yes.
    - From secure premises. Yes.
Loss. Optional.
Accidental Damage. Yes.
Water Damage. Yes.
Fraudulent Calls. Yes - up to £100.
Contract phones. Yes.
PAYG phones. Yes.
International cover. Yes - for 90 days.
What is not covered?
An excess fee For an iPhone
  £75 for all claims.
For all other items:
  £40 for theft or accidental damage.
  £60 for loss.
  £75 for international claims.
Unattended Theft. When left in a public place.
Breakdown When covered by the warranty.

Our aim is to be as open as possible regarding our policies. As with all insurance policies you should ensure you read the Key Facts and Terms & Conditions before taking out a policy.

All phones must be from a UK VAT registered company, purchased brand new, and 12 months old or less when you take out the insurance. A valid proof of purchase that displays the IMEI number of the phone is required in the event of a claim.

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